How much is my roof replacement going to cost?

Like any investment, you would first like to know; how much is this going to cost?  Roofing is no small project and at times, could be one of the most costly home improvement projects on your list.  Before making this investment, it’s always wise to have an idea of what it will cost to help you better budget your finances and we also understand that you may not want to deal with pushy salespeople and/or have to go through the hassle of setting up a roof appointment.  Well, we’ve done our homework and noticed there isn’t a good Roof Replacement Cost Calculator. That is, until now. Here at Aurum Roofing, we have developed a formula that can, at times be within a few hundred dollars over or under the actual retail cost. Once you fill out this form, we will respond to you via email with an estimate for your project within minutes!

    *Disclaimer:  We try our best to give you the most accurate estimate, we want you to understand that all markets are different and prices may vary.  This estimate reflects roof replacement costs within Central Texas markets (Pflugerville,Tx, Austin,Tx, Round Rock,Tx, Bastrop,Tx, Kyle,Tx, Spicewood,Tx, Lakeway,Tx, Liberty Hill,Tx, Georgetown,Tx, Elgin,Tx, Taylor,Tx, and all in between) and estimates are for re-roofs only (and not valid for new construction).  There are also many factors that can affect your roofing cost and it is almost impossible to give an accurate estimate without actually getting on your roof to do a full roof assessment.