Flat Roofing

A Maintenance-free and Energy Efficient Option

Flat Roofs are most commonly found on commercial properties however; they can also be found on some homes today. Flat roofs are unique in that they require special materials as shingles are not recommended due to the lack of water run-off protection because of the slope of the roof. If your roof is under a 14° angle, shingles are not a viable option.

In having a flat roof, you will also have many benefits which include energy saving benefits as some flat roof materials can reflect up to 88% of the sun’s energy. These types of roofs are also mostly maintenance free! If you are looking to replace or repair a flat roof in your home or business, you have to ensure that a certified contractor does the installation. This is a very delicate process and there are a limited amount of contractors who specialize in this type of installation.  Although installing a flat roof seems fairly easy, it is not.  Materials for certain types of flat roofs are not sold to just any contractor, so choosing the right roofer is critical. Our roofers at Aurum Roofing, LLC. are certified and preferred contractors for a variety of flat roofing material manufacturers and this gives us an advantage over our competition! This has given us the ability to perform all types of jobs, from home porches to hotels and shopping centers.

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