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Tile Roofs are less common in our area as they are predominantly chosen for their aesthetic appearance. While offering a beautiful appearance, they also offer durability and are able to last up to 100 years, therefore some manufacturers offer warranties of 50+ years. Since tile roofs are the heaviest of the roof choices, if you are considering a tile roof, give us a call so we can assess the structure and sturdiness of your home to determine if a tile roof can be supported. If we determine that your home can support a tile roof, we will install it for you!

Have you considered a Metal Roof? If so, metal roofs are an up and coming trend in our area and are proven to last substantially longer than a fiberglass asphalt shingle roof. From steel, galvanized, copper or zinc metal roofs, depending on your selection, these types of roofs are fabricated to withstand the rapid temperature changes, protect your home from hail and storms and also offer a noticeably cooler home. They are also extremely light in weight, reducing the amount of stress on the structure of your home. Call us today so we can discuss a metal roof installation with you.

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