Chimney Crickets Exposed! What you need to know…

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Did you know?  According to most building codes in our region, all chimneys 30 inches or wider are required to have a chimney cricket.

What is a Chimney Cricket

A chimney cricket is a metal or wood frame that is used to change or divert the water flow where the roof and chimney meet.   All flat-backed chimneys hold water, which in turn causes water backup similar to a dam.  This can cause wood and siding damage around the bottom perimeter of your chimney along with roof leaks. For northern regions, it’s even more critical because of the amount of snow or ice that is stopped up behind the chimney.

In central Texas, our biggest concern is water and the stoppage of tree leaves.  If you are considering selling your house, this is code, and most home inspectors will find this as a problem. Although it may not be leaking or causing problems yet, there is a possibility of it causing problems in the near future.

What is the cost of a Chimney Cricket?

Because not all chimneys are the same, all are a custom made design and style to fit the pitch of your roof.  On average, here at Aurum Roofing, for most 30-inch size chimneys, the cost is about $400.00 (labor and materials on most new roof installs).  If you are looking into only repairing your existing chimney and fitting a custom cricket to your existing roof, this may affect your cost because it is now considered a roof repair which is a bit more labor-intensive.  For most roof repairs added crickets, there is approximately an additional $300.00 cost. This is an additional cost because we have to carefully work around the existing shingles so that we do not cause any unnecessary damage to your existing roof.  This is a total average cost of $700.00 for roof repairs and $400 for new roof installs. 

* For most chimneys wider than 30 inches, there is an additional cost of $100 added for every 10 inches beyond 30”.

Average Chimney Cricket Cost Total:

New Roof Install Cost  Repair Fee* If Necessary Total
30 Inch Base Fee $400.00  $300.00  $700.00
40 Inch Base Fee  $500.00  $400.00  $900.00
50 Inch Base Fee  $600.00  $500.00  $1,100.00
60 Inch Base Fee  $700.00  $600.00  $1,300.00


Please note that these are approximate amounts and may vary depending on the work completed.  This type of roofing work is no small job and should only be performed by a qualified roofing company.  We at Aurum Roofing are confident in saying we are the best for this type of work or any other roofing work!  We have years of experience installing on-site custom chimney crickets in our Central Texas Austin Metro area.  Any of our thousands of satisfied customers can vouch for the quality work we’ve performed. Give us a call today for your chimney needs! 

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